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15 pro tips for taking care of your hair

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taking care of your hair

To find out more about the nature of your hair, treat a problem or find the perfect routine, the hair diagnosis is very useful. Claire Tommasi, hair expert and HAIRFAX trainer tells us more about this essential hair assessment.

What’s the point ?

A hair diagnosis will simply help you better understand your hair, its problems but also its assets. Thus, you can set up a hair routine adapted to your hair type and its needs. The diagnosis is particularly recommended when you are facing a change that you cannot manage: “it is possible to encounter during your life episodes of falling, itching, dandruff. During puberty, for example, under the influence of hormones, inconveniences may appear. At the change of seasons, after a psycho-emotional shock, following a diet, surgery, pregnancy… there are so many parameters that are likely to disturb your hair” , details Claire Tommasi.

How is the diagnosis made?

Some diagnostics can be done over the internet or over the phone, but it’s always best to go to the salon. To be perfectly objective, this assessment must be carried out 48 hours after the last shampoo. The expert will begin by asking you questions about your family history, your habits, your lifestyle and the products you use. The most cutting-edge institutes are equipped with a micro-camera, as is the case with Hairfax: “we thus establish the densitometry (the number of hairs in 1 cm2) and the calibration of the hair (the calculation of the diameter of the stem hair). We also check the general condition of the scalp and measure the sebum rate and the rate of dandruff.”

Once the diagnosis has been established, the expert will suggest a care protocol to be carried out in the institute as well as a hair routine to be implemented at home.

Where to do your hair diagnosis?

Most major brands of hair products offer a quick diagnosis online . We particularly recommend those of Lazartigue, René Furterer, Kérastase and Vichy. If you have the opportunity to travel , in addition to the Hairfax institutes, we recommend the one at Leonor Greyl as well as those at the Hair Clinic,

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