July 19, 2024

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Wedding dresses – 2022 ready-to-wear collection

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Wedding dresses

We fell in love with the new ready-to-wear collection from wedding dress designer Adélie Métayer . Tulle coat, embroidered blouses, removable train, suit, tops and skirts, the pieces imagined by the designer are designed to be mixed with each other for a modern look that will really look like you.


“I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and in a world of women. I felt quite early on that I had a “trick” for valuing others, and that it fulfilled me. I learned model making and sewing at a very young age, then at 19 I had the chance to win a major fashion competition that changed my life: ELLE magazine offered all my education in a prestigious fashion design school. I have designed shoes, leather goods, lingerie in several houses… To turn to the wedding dress: I fell in love with it, I made it my job and I find it marvelous. »


“Our favorite textiles are heavy crepe which sublimates the curves, silk muslin which dances around the bride, Hellenic pleats, Spanish veils, and embroidery which evokes a Mediterranean atmosphere (patterns of earthenware, suns, jasmine , wisteria, olive branches…). »


“Drawing a collection is quite quick: I dream it up for months then I put it down on paper one afternoon. To dream it up, I listen a lot to the comments of my clients: they are the ones who bring the brand to life! My Andalusian origins are always a starting point, a permanent desire for sunshine and joie de vivre. Then I spend a lot, a lot of time on the prototypes. Every detail counts, the cuts must be impeccable, always designed to flatter the silhouette. If necessary, we redo the dress 4 times, 5 times the dress, until it looks like the one I’ve dreamed of for so long! »


“I attach great importance to the customer experience. In my workshop, the bride benefits from permanent and informed advice, we are flexible and take into account the personality and the events that our brides experience. This is why we create everything to order and why our pieces are customizable. I almost always welcome the brides myself, it lasts about an hour, where we try, laugh, imagine… I don’t hesitate to propose and give my opinion, in a joyful and benevolent atmosphere. As soon as the bride has found her look, she receives a personalized quote and is integrated into the production schedule of our workshop. A few weeks later, the bride receives her calendar with the dates of the next meetings. Technical fitting, hem according to the shoes, addition of a veil, test of the adapted lingerie, we refine every detail so that the bride is guided, serene. The delivery is made a few weeks before the wedding, it is a very beautiful moment when the long white fabric cover leaves our workshops in the arms of its bride! A few months later, I am delighted and still very touched to receive the wedding photos. »


“First, it must carry strong values. In my eyes, a garment as symbolic as a wedding dress should not be made on the other side of the world in plastic materials. Local manufacturing and materials of natural origin are part of a sensible approach, as is that of marriage! Then, for me a wedding dress is wearable, in which one feels strong, beautiful, even divine. Finally, I particularly like to feel a burst of joy, celebration, spontaneity in a wedding dress! »

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