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Unveiling the Elegance: A Comprehensive Guide to Lehengas

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Guide to Lehengas

Introduction to Lehengas

Every girl enjoys dressing up in a lehenga. She waits for special occasions to carry her most desired outfit. A lehenga choli for women is a way to express her love and excitement for the event. It also marks a tribute to Indian culture. In the world of fashion too, a lehenga is considered an exceptional outfit worn by women. It brings out the inner beauty of a woman and makes her look graceful. In case you have any wedding lined up in the near future, choose the perfect lehenga from KALKI Fashion, that radiates your feminine charm.

Types of Lehengas

When you head out to the fashion stores to pick up the best lehenga for women you will be amazed to see various categories of lehengas. These are-

  • Bridal lehengas- As the name says, a bridal lehenga is worn by brides on their special day. It is beautifully designed with heavy embroidery and made with rich fabrics. Earlier brides loved their lehengas in dark shades of red and maroon, but the narratives are changing now. Many modern brides love wearing different shades like nude tones, baby pink, sea blue, etc.
  • A-line lehengas- An A-line lehenga is mostly fitted at the waist and has a flared bottom. This makes it perfect for all body types. You can find an A-line lehenga in digital prints or with embroidery. If you are looking for a lehenga that makes you a stunning bridesmaid, then an A-line lehenga is the best for you.
  • Circular lehenga- A circular lehenga for women has a voluminous flare and a circular shape. Because of its heavy skirt, it offers an elegant look. You can easily pick a circular lehenga for a wedding or any other main occasion that is characterized by pleats and flares.

There is no dearth of rich and classy lehengas in the market. You just have to pick the one that looks the best to you.

Fabric And Embellishments

A poor-quality ready-to-wear lehenga can never give you the same look as the one designed using a rich fabric. Lehengas that are stitched using fabrics like silk or velvet have an unmatched beauty. There are other high-end fabrics like georgette and chiffon that feel like fluid on the body. An organza lehenga is the most trending these days because of its butter-like feel. The fabric is not the only catch while deciding on your perfect lehenga. You should also choose a lehenga for a wedding that is marked with beautiful hand embroidery. Work like sequins and zardozi add a little spark that you are looking for in a lehenga choli for women.

Choosing The Right Lehenga

Picking up just any lehenga from the market won’t make you look like a diva. Don’t say yes to the first lehenga that you see in the market. You need to consider a few factors before you make the final call.

  • Go for the lehenga that looks good on your body. A ready-to-wear lehenga with flares will look good on you if you have wider hips. For an hourglass-shaped body, drape your dupatta in such a way that it offers a balanced look. If you are short in height, go for a high waist lehenga that gives you a taller look.
  • You need to remember that not every shade looks good on every skin tone. If you have a skin tone like that of Kareena Kapoor Khan, go for shades like raspberry pink, red, bright orange, light green, etc. If you are wheatish, then warm shades will look good on you.
  • You don’t have to write a diary to note what looks good on you or not. Go for ready-to-wear lehenga that matches your vibe and personal taste.

Apart from all this, always have the theme and concept of the function in mind. Your outfit should complement the aesthetics and requirements of the event.

Styling Tips For Lehengas

Styling an outfit and looking pretty often go hand in hand. A lehenga choli for women can be styled in numerous ways just by draping it differently. Let’s see how-

  1. Pin the light-weight dupatta on one shoulder and let it flow.
  2. In case you are carrying one dupatta, drape it over your chest and neck to look elegant.
  3. One of the easiest yet trendy styles is to pin the dupatta over one shoulder and tie the second end to your skirt.
  4. You can go for a seedha pallu draping style to create a ravishing look with your lehenga for a wedding.

Just draping the dupatta is not enough. You need to wear the right accessories so that you don’t end up overdoing your bridal look. Wear a bold necklace with a deep-neck blouse and statement earrings. You can even wear either a statement bracelet or kadas too. These days, girls love to go for loose hairstyles with nude makeup. Don’t forget to carry your lehenga with high heels or ethnic juttis to feel comfortable during the function.

Care And Maintenance

The lehenga for women is as precious as gold. So, it becomes very necessary to take care of your outfit even before you wear it so that it looks perfect. Once you wear it and plan to store it, keep it in a breathable garment bag. Avoid pulling the fabric or exposing it to direct sunlight. Go for professional dry cleaning instead of hand washing it. You can even opt for low-heat ironing to preserve the material and embroidery. When you are not wearing the lehenga keep checking it periodically to see any signs of damage. By taking some precautions you can keep your garment new forever.


A lehenga is a quintessential outfit for Indian weddings. It makes a woman look graceful and beautiful. If you understand different fabrics and style the lehenga in a unique way, you can achieve a confident look on a special occasion. Also, don’t just buy an organza lehenga but take due care of it and pass it on to the generations to come.

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